Lets Go Fishing, USA Inc. offers:
• Fishing Classes
• Youth Fishing Derbies
• Camp Programs
• Group Fishing
• Organizational Fishing Programs

LGF provides all staff, equipment, bait, tackle, transportation and T-shirts for program participants. We will tailor a program specifically for your group.
“LET’S GO FISHING” was developed to foster an understanding among young people and adults that there is much more to fishing than just putting a hook and line in the water. Fishing as a sport or hobby can be a wonderful interaction with nature.

One way to explore is through the “LET’S GO FISHING” program. The benefits of the program are also consistent with many youth development strategies being programmed by organizations focused on improving the lives of young people.

These include but are not limited to:
• Education and Career Opportunities
• Life and Health Shills
• Discipline and Focus
• Positive Self-identify
• Fitness and Recreation
• Cultural, Socioeconomic, and Equal Gender Awareness

Our aim is to development and booster:
• Leadership Development
• Team Building
• Healthy Habits
• Conflict Resolution
• Youth Violence Reduction
• Fair Play and Completion